Study with us


The Centre for Language Evolution is unique in providing access to a large group of experts at the intersection of language, evolution, cognition, and computational modelling. Moreover, at the University of Edinburgh, we are located in one of the largest and most well-respected linguistics departments in the world, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, making the CLE a great place to learn.

If you are bright, fascinated by what it is that makes us human, willing to work very hard, and keen to explore new areas of study, then we want to hear from you – you could be an ideal candidate for our MSc programme. Many of our previous MSc students have gone on to work for a PhD in the CLE, but it is perfectly possible to apply for the PhD programme directly or to apply for the MSc without necessarily intending to continue towards the PhD.

Before contacting us, prospective students are encouraged to read the information online on the programme website, as well as information provided by the School. We also highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our recent publications to get a flavour of our research.